Uganda Cultural Safaris

Uganda Cultural Safaris

Uganda is highly diversified in terms of culture with over 20 tribes. Uganda has a multiplicity of ethnicity, languages, foods, people, beliefs and many other traditional norms that are comprised of the Ugandan culture. Uganda cultural safaris give you an opportunity to explore the difference in the cultures and enjoy unexplored Uganda’s culture and the hidden treasure in learning it.

Ugandans are hospitable and usually welcome visitors with melodramatic traditional performances with local musical instruments and local cuisine. Ugandan natives are ranked second in the whole world as the most hospitable, warm, and welcoming. Book your self a Uganda cultural safari and prove this myth yourself by interacting with Uganda’s natives.

Uganda cultural safaris give you an opportunity to learn about Uganda’s History and a great origin right from the pre-colonial Uganda up to the post-independent Uganda to date. You will be able to view the ancient shrines, kingdoms, and palaces, a thrilling narration about Uganda’s past on an evening campfire.

Uganda cultural safaris will include visiting the Buganda Royal Palace and the Buganda parliament. other palaces of long-time kingdoms include Toro palace in western Uganda and Busoga palace close to Eastern Uganda, Bunyoro palace and other palaces across numerous chiefdoms and other kingdoms.

Undertake Uganda’s cultural safaris to Uganda’s museums to find out the historical tools and numerous artifacts that were used in the pastThat is from the pre-Cambrian ages to the recent past and the royal drums. Most of these found at the National Museum and other regional museums

The cultural safari exposes you to historical monuments and statues scattered within Kampala city that are looked at as a symbol of great personalities, historical events and many other significant situations in Uganda’s history. The notable monuments include the independence monument, Kabaka Muteesa 1 statue, Sir. Apollo Kaggwa monument, the liberation statue among others.

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