The most beautiful roads to self-drive in Uganda

beautiful roads to self-drive in Uganda

The diversity of Uganda landscapes is just incredible. Flat swamp lands alternate hilly savannah grassland, bushy rainforest, and snow-capped mountain peaks define beautiful roads to self-drive in Uganda. It makes traveling through the country an adventure on its own. I think most people hire a car with us to explore the national parks and the culture, but even driving itself is awesome!

Based on landscapes, road conditions, and the humble opinion of myself and many road trippers we spoke to this summer,  these are the most beautiful roads to self-drive in Uganda:

The highway from Kabale to Kisoro
If you are coming from Kampala, you gradually see the vegetation change from Swamps (Masaka) to dry low hills (Mbarara) to higher and green lush hills around Kabale. From Kabale, a scenic road takes you high up in the hills with fantastic views over Lake Bunyonyi and further ahead volcano tops.

Murram road from Entebbe to Mpigi with the ferry across Wayo Bay
A great start of the trip for many people who hire a car with us is to get immersed in the hustle and bustle taking the ferry from Entebbe across Wayo bay. On the other side, you find a murram road that leads to the highway. You pass small and lively villages alternated with lush matooke trees and get a good insight into the daily lives of many Ugandans.

Murram road from Kitgum to Kidepo
The first part is flat and plain, but then… Right after Orom, you follow the signposts to Kidepo Valley National Park and the gradually the landscapes turn into the boulder landscape that is so unique for the area. You will drive into the hills and pass through a valley of stunning beauty.

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