Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls National Park


Murchison Falls Conservation Area ( MFCA ) comprises of Murchison Falls National Park, Bugungu and Karuma Falls Wildlife Reserves. This is where the Nile explodes through a narrow gorge and cascades down to become a placid river whose banks are thronged with hippos and crocodiles, waterbucks and buffaloes. The vegetation is characterised by savannah, riverine forest and woodland. Wildlife includes lions, leopards, elephants, giraffes, hartebeests, oribis, Uganda kobs, chimpanzees, and many bird species. Sample 3 day Murchison Falls Safari

How to Reach Murchison Falls National Park


Some of you may be wondering how to get to the park. But by means of road, it will take you around 5hours from Kampala with about 305 km.Paara covers a distance of about 85km from Masindi town by the shortest route.

A direct or longer route will cover an area of about 135km.Alternatively one may decide to take on the Budongo forest route that will provide magnificent views overlooking Lake Albert from the direct position of the rift valley escarpment over Butiaba.

You can also access Paara from the north through Chobe Gate, Karuma Falls along with Tangi.The Gate that is close to Pakwach covers an area of about 25km2 to paara in addition to Wankwar Gate close to Purongo.

People with Vehicles or public means will definitely go through the Nile at paara.It has a fixed time from 07.00 and 19.00.Besides road, Murchison can be accessed by air.Pakuba is the landing site for the charter flights and this takes about 19kms from paraa and Bugungu covers an area of 13kms from Paraa.



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Wildlife Game Drives

Murchison Falls National Park

Game Drives take a Uganda Wildlife Authority Ranger on board – between our driver-guide and the UWA Ranger there is not much that you will miss on a game drive in Murchison Falls Wildlife Reserve

There is nothing like a sunrise or late afternoon game drive with its Rothschild Giraffes, Elephants, Buffaloes, antelopes, lions, leopards, warthogs, Savannah birds and more.

Game Drives are about three hours in length – not too long if you are on a family safari with small children. Unlike in other African Park, the distance to the Game Drives is quite reasonable.


Nocturnal Game Drives

Murchison Falls National Park

This is one of the highlights that are not to be missed. On Nocturnal Game Drives you can see the predators of the night out on the prowl such as Lions, Leopards, Hyenas, and serval cats.

The Nocturnal Game Drive is about two hours in length and it takes place at dusk or after darkness has set in  This is something we suggest not to miss. you might have a hard time taking pictures but the pictures and images in your mind.

Spotlights are used for the Night Game Drives in Murchison Falls Park – this way there is not much you can miss.

If you are on a family safari with us in Murchison Falls Park, your children will have the time of their lives on a Nocturnal Game Drive.  Nocturnal Game Drives must be arranged in advance with us.


Nile River Boat Safari

Murchison Falls National Park

Another  highlight of any safari visit to Murchison Falls National Park is the boat ride up to the falls, almost a scene out of a National Geographic Special on TV, only better because you are there seeing hippos frolic in the water (they do not swim but bounce off the bottom of river or lake).

Nile Crocodiles mouths wide open sunning themselves along the banks, elephant herds coming to bathe and water, Buffaloes in numbers, various species of antelopes and many water birds, one cannot imagine the scenic shoreline you will see on a boat safari up the River Nile.

On the Murchison Falls Boat Safari up to the falls, you have the choice to disembark at the bottoms of the falls and hike up to the top of the falls or return on the boat downstream for more wildlife viewing

Accommodation-at Murchison Falls


Visiting Uganda seeks to endear Africa to the global world by letting the world know about the beauty of our nature, environment, the hospitable people and the unmatched weather.

Accommodation Listing

  • GeoLodges Nile Safari Lodge
  • Paraa Safari Lodge
  • Rest Chilli Rest Camp
  • Sambiya River Lodge
  • GeoLodgesShoebill Camp Site
  • Yebo Safari Camp




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