Car Rental Tips for Business Travelers to Uganda

Car Rental Tips in Uganda

Is it your first time to go on a business trip to Uganda? Are you a business traveler looking to getting around Uganda? With so many rental cars in Uganda to choose from, finding the best rental car for you is not that easy. We want you to have a stress-free booking experience and hopefully, our Car Rental Tips in Uganda below would help you with the procedures.

It is important to familiarize yourself and do some research before you travel. Here is Car Rental Tips in Uganda that every business traveler, or personal assistants that booking a vehicle for their boss, need to consider when hiring a car in Uganda

  • Find out if the vehicle comes along with the GPS system or not. This will save your time looking for directions to different places within Uganda. You can easily hire a GPS from us at just US$5 per day. It is advisable to use a Garmin or TomTom Map given that they are more updated.
  • Save some money by booking your rental car early enough. This will save you airport transfer costs. Once you pre-book your car, we will arrange your pick up and drop off at no extra cost. Please note that for bookings outside Kampala, you may need to pay an additional fee to cover fuel costs so that a car can be dropped at your house door.
  • Fueling: Make sure to refuel at a local gas station. The price per gallon can be two or three times more expensive if they charge you full tank upon return of the vehicle. Please note that gas prices may be high in areas that are outside Kampala. Within the national parks, fuel costs can even be double. Therefore it is advisable to carry with you enough fuel!
  • If it’s business and there are several drivers, some rental car companies do not charge for additional drivers.
  • If the company booked the vehicle for you, check with them to see if insurance is included in your contract. If it doesn’t, then ask them if your personal or corporate credit card can cover the insurance.
  • Read your company’s travel policy to check what they will cover so you will be aware of the extra costs.
  • Drivers under the age of 25 may pay an additional fee so better check out.
  • Make sure to keep the number of your company’s point person in case anything goes wrong or if you have questions regarding the car rental agreement.
  • Have a stress free business trip to Uganda.

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